Business Stories of Change

Stories of local business recovery and resilience.

Bega Valley Shire Council is proud to present the Business Stories of Change project, capturing stories of local businesses’ recovery and resilience following the Black Summer bushfires.  

Council received bushfire recovery funding to research and develop inspiring case studies of local business recovery and resilience with a focus on diversification, innovation, and transition to a circular economy.

The case studies highlight support services, grant funding and investment opportunities that have helped businesses navigate their recovery and resilience journey.  

The Project was conceived to showcase innovation and diversification in local businesses, and to celebrate the determination and resourcefulness seen in the aftermath of both a natural disaster and the COVID-19 pandemic. The strength and resilience of our community have been explored through inspiring stories and case studies of local businesses.  

These stories serve as a testament to the spirit of our local entrepreneurs and their ability to overcome adversity. They highlight the struggles experienced following the Black Summer bushfires and explore innovative solutions to not only recover, but to thrive.  

Each story features interviews with business owners, employees and community members, showcasing the tight-knit fabric of the Bega Valley community and its commitment to collective recovery.  

Bega Valley Shire Council would like to acknowledge the support of the Australian Government’s Black Summer Bushfire Recover Grants Program and thank the local businesses that have generously shared their experiences and time.

Stories of change


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