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Genealogy Society to stay in Old Courthouse

Tuesday 2 June 2015

The Bega Valley Genealogy Society has secured its occupation of the Old Pambula Courthouse and Police Station in Pambula for a further ten years following a resolution of Council to issue a licence. 

Council’s Group Manager of Strategy and Business Services, Lucas Scarpin, said the Old Pambula Courthouse building is a Crown Land asset managed by Council through the Baddeley Reserve Trust.

He said the Old Pambula Courthouse Committee had overseen the facility for many years, but a recent decline in membership had resulted in other options being sought.

“The Bega Valley Genealogy Society occupies part of the building in a hire agreement and expressed an interest in continuing occupy the space as well as manage the facility on behalf of the Reserve Trust.

“As the best option to authorise such occupation is via a Licence Agreement we proposed the Licence should be for the purpose of genealogy research and public library, storage of records and materials including historical information and as a meeting venue.

“Members of the public will continue to be able to use the Old Courthouse section of the building to hold meetings or events, with hire of such space to be arranged through the Genealogy Society.

“The Society will be required to carry out all internal and external maintenance as detailed in the agreement, however the structural integrity of the building will remain a Reserve Trust responsibility.

“The Old Courthouse has substantial heritage value and it is best that a group who understands the heritage constraints is granted management of the facility.

“As the Society already occupies space within the building there is not a requirement for a public tender process to apply in this instance,” Mr Scarpin said.

The consent of the Minister for Crown Lands is required for the licence agreement.


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