Water Supply Interruptions


Council aims to provide a continuous, reliable water supply to our customers, however there are times when the system is interrupted for maintenance, new developments or emergency repairs. There are two types of water interruptions that occur:

Planned water interruption

To maintain a safe and reliable water supply, Council may need to interrupt your water supply to carry out essential maintenance or upgrade works. This may involve temporarily shutting off your water or decreasing your water pressure.

If a water interruption is planned for your area, you will receive a notice in your letterbox indicating the date, time, expected duration and reason for the interruption.

Unplanned water interruption

Council does our very best to ensure a reliable water network for our community. However, your water supply may be temporarily switched off for emergency repairs, such as a burst water main or leak.

Changes in rainfall, temperature, water pressure and ground movement can cause water pipes to leak or burst. We constantly maintain and upgrade our network to minimise the number and duration of unplanned interruptions.

If an unplanned interruption happens in your area, Council’s Water Services Team will work as quickly as possible to restore your water service. During these events Council will notify residents via social media and on this webpage.

Report a water service issue

If your property has no water or low water pressure and is not listed above as a planned or unplanned outage, please contact Council’s Water Services Team on 02 6499 2222

To report a non-urgent water issue, complete our online form.

Water interruption tips

Before a water interruption

While we always work quickly to restore your water supply, it's always a good idea to prepare for any kind of water interruption. We recommend having approximately four litres of water per person, per day set aside for drinking.

  • place drinking water in your fridge
  • fill a tub or bucket with water to use for toilet flushing. Pour water from the bucket into your toilet bowl after use, but only flush when necessary.
  • use anti-bacterial hand sanitiser for hand washing.

During a water outage

  • During any future water disruption, it’s important to leave your taps off as the water may return at any time.

After a water outage

  • When water returns it may be discoloured. This is due to sediment. Please run the tap until your water runs clear.
  • Your water may appear milky. This is caused by small air bubbles. Don’t be alarmed it is not harmful, and will settle in a short period.
  • A glass of water should turn clear if left for 1-2 minutes. If it doesn't please contact Council on 02 6499 2222



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