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Recovery Action Plan

2019/20 Black Summer Bushfires

The Black Summer Bushfires were unprecedented. Between the 29th December 2019 and the 11th February 2020, the Bega Valley experienced devastating bushfires. Their impact has been felt across all communities within the Bega Valley Shire. Whilst the most distressing loss was that of four lives, the extensive destruction of dwellings, environment, infrastructure and the economy have also had considerable impact throughout the Shire.

Approximately 400,000 hectares or 60 percent of the Shire was burnt, with more than 600 dwellings and 1000 other structures either damaged or destroyed.

Almost every sector of the economy was affected with the tourism, retail, agriculture, aquaculture and forestry sectors hardest hit.

Under the New South Wales (NSW) disaster recovery arrangements, each disaster impacted Local Government Authority establishes a Local Recovery Committee to provide leadership for local recovery efforts.

Council established the Bega Valley Local Recovery Committee in January 2020, with seven key areas of focus:

  • Agriculture
  • Business, Tourism and Industry
  • Communications and Community Engagement
  • Donations and Disaster Relief
  • Environment, Planning and Development
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Waste and Infrastructure Services

The NSW Government Southern Regional Recovery Committee supports communities and Local Recovery Committees across 12 Local Government Areas in Southern NSW that were affected by the 2019/20 bushfires.

The Regional Recovery Committee also develops and delivers a Southern Region Recovery Action Plan which both guides and is responsive to the priorities identified in Local Recovery Action Plans.

mage: Cover of the Bega Valley Recovery Action Plan and link to document.The Bega Valley Local Recovery Action Plan

The Bega Valley Recovery Action Plan outlines the priorities of the Bega Valley Local Recovery Committee and each of the seven Subcommittees.

The intent of the Local Recovery Committee is to work to provide timely support and tools to affected communities to quickly return to an adequate level of function after the 2020 bushfire event.

The Recovery Action Plan details the objectives and actions of the Subcommittees in the short, medium and longer term.

The Recovery Action Plan enables planning and resource allocation to deliver bushfire recovery initiatives and facilitates communication and engagement with people and communities to engage and support them in their bushfire recovery journey.


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