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Local Strategic Planning Statement

Bemboka township and surrounds.Local Strategic Planning Statement on exhibition
Bega Valley Shire Council is seeking feedback from the community on the Draft Bega Valley Shire Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS).

Project Summary/background

The Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) identifies our priorities and guides how we plan for growth that complements the unique character and landscape of our Shire through to 2040.

The statement brings together important information about our unique environment, the character of our communities, our cultural identities and our economy to set priorities for building a prosperous and liveable Shire. It will ensure growth and change can be properly managed into the future with regard to things like transport, housing, open space and recreation, the natural environment, our changing climate, the character of our towns and villages and local Aboriginal culture.

The Local Strategic Planning Statement

Council is preparing a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) which will provide direction for land use in the Bega Valley Shire through to 2040. The NSW Government requires all regional Councils to adopt a LSPS by the end of June 2020.

The aim of the LSPS is to translate the vision and priorities from the Community Strategic Plan 2040 and other strategies, into specific land use planning actions for the Bega Valley Shire.

The LSPS will set out:

  • the 20-year vision for land use in our Shire
  • the special characteristics which contribute to our local identity
  • shared community values we want to maintain and enhance
  • how growth and change will be managed into the future in relation to land use.

The LSPS covers economic, social and environmental issues that affect the whole of the Bega Valley Shire, but will also include character statements and key land use directions for the Bega, Bermagui, Eden and Merimbula town centres. Other towns and villages will be included in future revisions of the LSPS.

The LSPS will include:

Planning priorities for land use covering areas such as transport, economy, housing, open space and recreation, natural environment, changing climate, town and village character, town centres and aboriginal culture.

Actions to achieve the planning priorities and details on how Council will monitor and report on the implementation of the plan

The LSPS will draw on adopted Council strategies and plans such as the Transport Vision and Economic Development Strategy and Enterprise Land Review but will also be informed by several strategies which are currently being developed for residential and commercial land as well as new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage mapping.

The following individual strategies have been developed to inform the LSPS:

  • Residential Land Strategy
    The Residential Land Strategy will guide future residential development across Bega Valley Shire in terms of: land requirements, diversity of needs and preferences, strategic location of residential development and housing supply and mix, including affordability.
  • Rural Residential Strategy
    The Rural Residential Strategy outlines Council’s strategic direction for rural living opportunities within our rural areas and identifies land that can be considered for rural residential rezoning in the future.
  • Commercial Land Strategy
    The Commercial Land Strategy will provide a framework for the future development of our town centres that is sympathetic to their unique character and help plan for opportunities for local economic development and employment generation.
  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Mapping
    The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Mapping will improve the protection and promotion of Aboriginal cultural heritage by identifying areas within the landscape that are culturally significant or contain Aboriginal archology.


The LSPS builds on and consolidates an array of strategies and policies that identify desirable land use outcomes for the Bega Valley Shire. It includes planning priorities, strategic directions and actions that will guide Council’s decisions about how land will be used.

The document’s purpose is to:

  • Provide a 20 year vision for land use in the Bega Valley Shire
  • Identify our shared values to be maintained and enhanced
  • Outline the characteristics that make our area special
  • Direct how future growth and change will be managed
  • Articulate our Shire’s advantages and challenges
  • Identify any required changes to planning provisions in the LEP and DCP
  • Identify where further strategic planning may be required

Connection to Council's Community Strategic Plan (CSP)

The communities vision expressed in the CSP is “By working together, the Bega Valley Shire community integrates quality of life, enterprising business, sustainable development and conservation of the environment.”  One of the primary roles of the LSPS is to translate this vision as well as the priorities expressed in the CSP into specific land use planning actions for the Shire.

As such, the LSPS addresses all CSP outcome areas of: active and healthy communities, employment and learning opportunities, sustainable living, liveable places, connected communities and leadership and governance.

Who to talk to:

Sophie Thomson
Strategic Planning Coordinator
Bega Valley Shire Council
Phone: (02) 6499 2246

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