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Eden, Twofold Bay and Towamba River Flood Study

This flood study will improve understanding of flood behaviour and impacts, and better inform management of flood risk in the study area. The flood study will assess the flood risk from ocean storms and rainfall over the catchments of Towamba River, Boydtown Creek, Shadrachs Creek and Eden.

Burrage Bridge on the Towamba River.The Study

Bega Valley Shire Council is currently undertaking a Flood Study for the foreshore area of Twofold Bay, Eden, Towamba River and surrounding areas. The study will define the current and future flood behaviour in this area.

The study, which is being prepared to meet the objectives of the NSW State Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy, will establish the basis for subsequent floodplain management activities.

Under the State Policy, NSW Local Governments are responsible for identifying and managing the risk to life and property from flooding.  One of the most important steps in this process is increasing our community’s awareness of flooding so that people are better able to understand and plan for the flood risks they face.

For most people, there will be no immediate change to their situation as a result of this study. However, property owners who are planning redevelopment of their property may need to take some additional steps as part of the consent process because flood-related development controls will apply. For example, the construction of new buildings will need to be set at or above suitable Flood Planning Levels to minimise flood risk.

The Study Area

The study will assess the flood risk of the foreshore and low-lying areas around Twofold Bay in the event of an ocean storm.

The flood risk resulting from rainfall on the catchments of creeks and rivers draining to Twofold Bay will also be assessed. However, these assessments will be focused on the following locations:

  • Boydtown Creek flooding in the downstream reach
  • Shadrachs Creek flooding in the downstream reach
  • Towamba River flooding at Rocky Hall, New Buildings, Burragate and Towamba
  • Mataganah Creek flooding ay Wyndham and New Buildings

The study will also assess the flood risk of local rainfall within the Eden township and the resulting creek, property and street drainage issues.

How to Get Involved

  • Complete our online survey.
  • Attend a drop-in session in December. A formal presentation will not be given, so please feel free to drop in any time during the sessions.

Drop in sessions will be held at:

  • Towamba Community Hall: Wednesday December 6 from 3pm to 5pm
  • Eden Gardens Country Club: Thursday December 7 from 10.000am to 12.00pm and 3.30pm to 5.30pm.

There will be further opportunities to be involved in the study at later stages. Please register your interest to be provided with project updates in the survey.

Take our Survey

Photos can be uploaded with the survey or send via email or post to Council.

Contacting Council:

Bega Valley Shire Council
PO Box 492, Bega 2550


Council wishes to acknowledge the technical and financial assistance provided by the Office of Environment and Heritage and the Minister for Police and Emergency Services in facilitating the project.

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