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Shared path, Tathra Road, Bega


As a condition of consent of the development of the South East Regional Hospital (SERH), Council received an allocation of funds to construct a pathway along Tathra Rd, Bega. The missing section of path is from the footpath that stops adjacent to Glebe Lagoon, to the existing path north of the SERH, Tathra Road, Bega.

The location of the path is a critical missing link in the shared path network between the SERH and the central business district and residential areas of Bega. The site has many constraints and has resulted in many hours spent adjusting the design to find a solution that is sympathetic to the surrounding landscape as well as being functional and safe.


The proposed design has the path starting on the western side of Tathra Rd near Rose Street intersection. The proposed path then crosses the road to the island verge between the eastern side of Tathra Rd and the Service Lane. The path is aligned along the bottom of the embankment along the eastern side of the verge. The path then crosses Taronga Crescent and joins the existing path that leads directly to the SERH.

The proposed alignment and design requires the Service Lane to be reduced to a single lane and made one-way, in a South to North direction. Although this may cause some limited impacts to vehicular access, it is anticipated that the improvements to vehicle and pedestrian safety and pedestrian connectivity will far outweigh the minimal impact of vehicle only being able to travel in one direction.

The Service Lane is used primarily by residents and there is a school bus stop on the southern end of the Service Lane. By reducing the Service Lane to single lane and one-way increases user safety both from a pedestrian and motor vehicle view point. This design satisfies State requirements being in accordance with the TfNSW Road Safety Strategy as it separates the user movements through this location. Vehicle movements become more predictable and will result in a low speed environment.

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Total project funding = $300,000 funded by Bega Valley Shire Council

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