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Bega pool pump on the way

Tuesday 10 November 2015

The currently out-of-order heat pumps at the Bega War Memorial Pool will be replaced by the end of the month.

Council’s Manager of Leisure and Recreation, John Grady said the failure of two old heat pumps requires consideration of the pool’s ageing infrastructure, which has caused delays.

“The pumps across all outdoor pools are programed for servicing in late September when pools are filled and equipment inspected for the start of the pool season.

“In September, as the Bega pool was being filled, one of the heat pumps failed. Quotes were sought to repair this unit and to service the second pump which was still working at the time.

“The second pump failed a month later in mid-October. This triggered a more detailed review of the infrastructure which unveiled further issues with the layout and operation of the current two-pump system.

“Due to the ageing infrastructure and uncertainty if repairs would be successful it was decided the failed units should be replaced with a single larger new unit.

“This is quite a significant project that requires new systems to integrate with existing infrastructure, as well as input from suppliers and coordination with local contractors.

“The good news is that details of the equipment and resourcing have been finalised and approved for purchase, which will result in the new pump being installed in the coming weeks.

“Until this time, the existing solar heating will heat the pool to a lesser degree, with current water temperatures being about 21-22 degrees.

“The community can expect a new energy efficient heat pump which will return the pool temperature to the normal 27 degrees,” Mr Grady said.


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