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Delegations of Authority

Under Secton 377 of the Local Government Act 1993, a council may, by resolution, delegate to the general manager or any other person or body certain functions of the council. The general manager may sub-delegate under Section 378(2) of the Local Government Act, a function delegated to the general manager by the council to any person or body (including another employee of the council).

In accordance with Section 377 of the Local Government Act 1993, the Council at its meeting of 29 September 2009 granted the delegations as set out in the Register of Delegations to the General Manager, the Mayor and Committees.

The General Manager has delegated those matters set out in the document "Delegations to staff".

This Register of Delegations is to be read in conjunction with Council's Policies and Procedures as well as relevant Acts and Regulations.

Register of delegations

The register of delegations is in two parts:

These documents are available to view on Council's website and intranet and are version controlled in Council's Electronic Data Management System - TRIM.

Position titles

The positions listed reflect the job performed rather than the individual person, and include any staff acting in the listed position.

The “Act as Public Officer” and “Children’s Services” delegations require a person to be delegated rather than their position.


The Register of Delegations is to be reviewed quarterly and reported in line with Council Integrated Planning and Report (IPR) framework, particularly the Operational Plan.

Changes to delegations to staff and purchasing delegations can only be made through the IPR process, a formal request to the General Manager or triggered by legislative/statutory changes.

Any changes to the position titles are to be approved by the Group Manager - Strategic and Business Services (SBS} so that the establishment list and position descriptions match the delegated position.

Requests for changes are to be in writing and can be sent via email.

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