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Littleton Gardens tree update

Tuesday 1 September 2015

The large eucalypt tree in Littleton Gardens, Bega will be removed on Saturday 5 September as part of the current works program.

The decision to remove the tree was made following the delivery of an independent arborist’s report on Monday that indicated a decline in the tree’s health since the last assessment in 2004, and the risk of die back should inground works occur within six metres of the tree.

Group Manager for Transport and Utilities, Wayne Sartori, said the arborist’s recommendation was to remove the tree and replace with a suitable species in an appropriate location.

“Council understands there is a significant community attachment to this tree, however, as works progress in developing Littleton Gardens, our only option is to remove this tree,” he said.

“An independent report conducted by Andrew J Norman Consulting Arborist clearly shows the tree now presents a high level of risk to the public with a Hazard Rating score of 10/12.

“The report shows that when a tree presents this level of risk to the public, abatement measures such as severe pruning will ultimately damage the tree.

“Further, the arborist has set a list of retention criteria that cannot be adhered to given the current plans and works required in developing Littleton Gardens.

“To avoid further decline in the tree’s health, contractors would need to form an exclusion zone of six metres radius from the trunk, preventing excavation, underboring and over fill in this area.

“We would also be prevented from installing permanent built structures within a drop zone of 28 metres from the trunk in any direction. This would mean no parking bays, seats or paths being built in a zone of impact should the tree fail at the root plate.

“The semi mature eucalypts close to Council’s office on Zingel Place will also be removed as works require the raising of the ground level,” Mr Sartori said.

An additional 80 trees will be planted as part of the works planned for Littleton Gardens.

The tree removal works will take place on Saturday 5 September. A copy of the independent arborist’s report is available from Council’s office in Bega.


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