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Residential Land Strategy

Project Summary/background

Bega Valley Shire Council is preparing a Local Strategic Planning Statement to guide land use in the Shire through to 2040. The Local Strategic Planning Statement focuses on the economic, social and environmental planning issues that affect the whole of the Bega Valley Shire and the people who live here.  To inform the Local Strategic Planning Statement Council is undertaking several strategies including a Residential Land Strategy.

Council has engaged Urbanista Australia to develop the Residential Land Strategy that addresses living requirements for diverse household structures, changing demographic characteristics and lifestyle preferences over the next 20 years. over the next 20 years.

The Strategy will be developed in partnership with key stakeholders

including land owners, housing advocacy groups, real estate agents, development industry representatives, interested community members

The Residential Land Strategy is being prepared at the same time as a Commercial Land Strategy that will address future needs for commercial land and sets the framework for business development.


Bega Valley Shire has an estimated population of 34,538 persons in 2019 and is forecast to grow by around 3,600 people by 2036. The draft Strategy will address the future need for housing and provide direction about how and where residential growth will occur to support the growing population, ageing community and changes in household structure through recommendations for amendments to Council’s planning instruments and policies.

Connection to Council's Community Strategic Plan

This project is connect to Council's Community Strategic Plan through:

  • Goal 7: Our Shire continues to be a vibrant, enjoyable, safe and affordable place to live.
  • Goal 8: Our places retain their character and scale, development is well planned, and a range of goods and services are available within our Shire that meets local needs.

Who can I speak to:

Anna Bowman
Town Planner
Phone: (02) 6499 2384

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