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Funding the Future - Revenue Policy

Councils help local communities run smoothly. They administer various laws and regulations to help maintain and improve services and facilities for the community. These services include community services, sporting and recreation services, environmental planning, public health, environmental protection  and waste collection, treatment and disposal. The rates you pay allow your council to fund these services.

How Council makes it's Rates and Charges

In accordance with S.404 (1) of the Local Government Act 1993, Council provides the following details of its revenue policy which includes the basis upon which the rates and charges will be made.

Rates and charges represent the process where Council recovers the cost of providing its services for land within the Shire boundaries. In general, Council follows a user-pays philosophy towards the provision of services.

In the case of water, sewer and garbage services, price increases reflect the cost of providing these services. With ordinary land rates, the rate increases must remain below the limits set by the Minister for Local Government, unless the Minister approves a special variation to general income.

The rates and charges levied by the Council are a debt that is applied to the land and this debt becomes the responsibility of the current owner of the land. Any arrears that may not have been discharged by previous owners can also become the responsibility of the current owner.

The rates and charges set out in this revenue policy are designed to provide the net source of funds after allowing for loans, contributions and government grants for the programs and initiatives identified in the 2017-2018 Operational Plan. The detailed outline of the income and expenditure of the Council is set out in the 2017-2018 Budget.  A detailed listing of Fees and Charges.


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