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Parking improvements at Bar Beach

Bar Beach Merimbula.

18 October 2017

Council is looking to make improvements to parking and traffic flow at Bar Beach in Merimbula ahead of the busy summer holiday period.

Visitors to this popular area will be aware how challenging parking can be, with manoeuvring difficult at best during busy periods. Council receives regular reports of parking congestion, people getting parked in and minor bumps and scrapes.

In an effort to alleviate the problems Council officers have worked closely with the Local Traffic Committee to develop a plan to make some simple improvements. The Friends of Bar Beach Group have also been consulted in the development of the plans.  

Council’s Leisure and Recreation Manager, John Grady, said that the focus of all parties was to look to make improvements with minimal disturbance.

“Simple line marking and some signage will be installed to give locals and visitors better direction on how to use the parking areas so they can work as well as possible,” Mr Grady said.

“The line marking will indicate standard parking, accessible parking, turning areas and some no stopping areas to help traffic move in and around the car park.

“It is a challenging site and we understand that the planned work won’t result in a total fix, however we believe that through providing information and direction to motorists we’ll be able to make a noticeable improvement,” Mr Grady said.

Work has commenced and will be completed prior to the summer holiday period.

For more information contact Bega Valley Shire Council on (02) 6499 2222.

Photograph: Bar Beach Merimbula



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