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Expressions of Interest - Bega Indoor Sports Stadium and Old Bega Racecourse

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Expressions of Interest - Bega Indoor Sports Stadium and Old Bega Racecourse

23 August 2019

Bega Valley Shire Council is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI 61/19)  for qualified commercial entities, incorporated community organisations and interested parties for the use and management of Bega Indoor Sports Stadium and the Old Bega Racecourse site. The aim is to increase the multi-use potential of sporting and ancillary facilities and provide community facilities that are accessible by interested community groups.

The EOI for the Old Bega Racecourse site is a new opportunity while the Bega Indoor Sports Stadium has been managed by the current licensee, Fling Physical Theatre, for several years. Fling have activated the space and met the requirements of their operating license. However, the current agreement is approaching expiry and is due for review.  

Council identifies there are a number of potential uses and options for these sites. 

  • Bega Indoor Sports Stadium (Lot 13 Section 33 DP 758076) is community land categorised as ‘Sportground’.  The objective for this site is to encourage, promote and facilitate recreational pursuits in the community involving organised and informal sporting activities and games.

Aerial view of Bega indoor sports stadium.









  • The Old Bega Racecourse (Lot 3200 DP 1036584) is community land categorised as ‘General Community Use’.  The site provides a wealth of recreational and cultural experience possibilities for Bega and the surrounding communities.  It is a venue that has in the past been host to many community activities and events and the Plan of Management for the site outlines the potential to continue to host community activities and events, as well as provide a suitable space for new community endeavours to be held.  

Aerial view of Old Bega Racecourse.









The EOI process meets the following objectives:

  • To undertake an open, fair and transparent process for the issuing of tenure over Council owned community land;
  • To manage the use of these sites in a way which complies with legislative requirements under the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) and Council’s community Land Generic Plan of Management;
  • To optimise the potential use and financial return from activities conducted on these sites for the benefit and Council and the community.

Proposal and activities that demonstrate compliance with these values and objectives will be favourably considered.  Interested parties are also encouraging to demonstrate how they could leverage additional investment in the facility in the future.

Please note that there is planning underway for the Bega Indoor Sports Stadium which will provide a range of updated and improved facilities and use options at the site. The concept plan is at the draft stage and is not a finalised concept. Parties interested in long term tenure as they will be in a position to contribute to the design process of the facility.

The stadium is offered with equipment for present activities and provides an excellent opportunity for a person or group interested in further developing sport within the Bega area.  The conditions of management will include, but are not limited to the following:-

  • The successful applicant will have full rights to manage the day to day operation of the each facility, with existing bookings by user groups to be accommodated;
  • The successful applicant is to receive all income generated from use of the facilities to assist with meeting the cost of electricity, water consumption and other outgoings;
  • The successful applicant will be responsible for all maintenance and cleaning of the premises;
  • Public Liability Insurance to the value of not less than $20 million will be required;
  • Council (in conjunction with the successful applicant) will set the hourly rates payable by both regular and casual hirers for their use of these community facilities;
  • The successful applicant will be required to supervise all casual hire of the facilities, however all regular seasonal bookings will be the subject of individual hire agreements. 

It is Council’s preference that occupation and management of the Bega Indoor Sports Stadium and the Old Bega Racecourse will be by the same entity, however Council will consider submissions for the occupation and management of each site individually. Council envisages offering long term tenure of ten (10) years to the successful applicant.

Proposals for longer tenure will be considered if permissible.

More informtion is available via Council's online tendering portal VendorPanel

Submissions must be made via VendorPanel and must be received by 12.00pm on Wednesday 25 September. 

If you have any questions, please contact Property and Facilities Coordinator, Rickee Marshall, on (02) 6499 2277.


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