There was a hydrographical study of Lake Curalo (ICOLL) in October 2017, they mapped the bottom and checked sedimentation rates. That was 17 months ago and nothing has been mentioned about it. Eden elders like myself (72 years+) remember Curalo as being much deeper than it is now.This was considered anecdotal by council spokespeople who didn't appear to have much appetite for searching out, or disproving, empirical evidence for this claim. A future headmaster of Eden sank a catamaran with a 14 foot mast (14x12 =168/39.37=4.26metres, There was only 4 inches or 10 mils left sticking out of the water. We are keen to see what your researchers find, and how you will restore it to it's former glory before urbanisation on it's flood plains. Limnologists say for every increase in lake depth there is a four metre spread to the sides, without ample flood plains this will be interesting unless levee banks are put in place.

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