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New split trucks on the road

‘Look inside, there’s a divide’ is the message on new garbage trucks in the Bega Valley.

Waste collection contractors Cleanaway have purchased split trucks as part of its new five-year contract with Bega Valley Shire Council.

Council first introduced split trucks 13 years ago to empty landfill (red) and recycling (yellow) bins into the one truck. Drivers empty individual bins into the correct chamber with a flick of a switch on the dashboard.

Council’s Waste Management Coordinator, Joley Vidau, said people still got confused when they watched rubbish from their red and yellow bins go into the same truck.

“We get at least one call a week from concerned residents that the recycling they’ve carefully sorted into the right bin at home goes all in together in the back of the truck and ends up in landfill. We hope this new campaign will help alleviate people’s concerns because this is certainly not the case,” Ms Vidau said.

Cleanaway, a multi-national network of waste contractors, started Bega Council’s kerbside collection service in 2012. Their new five-year contract with Council started on July 1.

“Cleanaway have provided a fantastic kerbside service to the Bega Valley for the past six years,” Ms Vidau said.

“It is a major job and last year alone they did more than 1.1 million kerbside bin lifts. We look forward to continuing our good working relationship over the next five years which will include the transition to FOGO on October 29.”

For more information on how the inside of the split trucks work, visit this page.

Photograph: Cleanaway’s new split trucks highlight the two separate chambers for landfill and recycling.


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