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Further Education Scholarships

Applications open February 2022

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Grants Administration Officer
Phone: 02 6499 2222
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Funds available = $5,000 (up to $1000 each applicant)

In recognition of the importance of further education, the Bega Valley Shire Council will award Further Education Scholarships to students:

  • Residing in the Bega Valley
  • Enrolled in full or part-time, including online study with a University, TAFE or Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Experiencing financial hardship
  • Aged between 17 and 26 years (excluding secondary students).

The scholarships aim to support the development of skills and abilities of students experiencing barriers to higher education in the Bega Valley.

Grant Guidelines


The Further Education Scholarships provide an opportunity to recognise and support students living in the Bega Valley Shire who are undertaking further education.

Assisting in the development of skills and abilities of local students can have far reaching economic and social benefits for the Shire. The Scholarships will raise the profile of successful students and encourage more young people living in the Bega Valley Shire to pursue further education.

Overall grant program objectives

  • Retention of students in the Bega Valley Shire
  • To raise the profile of young students
  • To promote further education options within the Bega Valley Shire.

Grant specific criteria/information

Scholarships for University or Vocational study (includes registered training organisations and TAFE enrolments).

To be eligible for a scholarship the applicants must:

  • Reside within the Bega Valley Shire
  • Be enrolled in either a university or vocational course, full or part-time
  • Not be in receipt of any other scholarship
  • Identify key purpose(s) or use of grant money, for example travel or books
  • Describe key motivating factors and/or goals for undertaking study
  • Identify how the scholarship will break down barriers to achieving educational goals
  • Preference is given to applicants who can demonstrate financial hardship and those aged between 17 and 26 years.

Relevant strategic plans

Community Strategic Plan

Employment and Learning Opportunities – Outcome 2

  • Goal 4 - We have meaningful employment and learning opportunities for all people in all stages of life.
  • Strategy 8 - Collaborate with partners and advocate for the development of local education, training and lifelong learning opportunities.

Grant program timelines

Grant steps Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Applications open                        
Applications close                        
Assessment Committee Review                        
Advise applicants and complete agreements                        
Activity undertaken                        
Activity reports / acquittals                        


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