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Waste Facility Consolidation and Modernisation Project

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Waste Facility Consolidation and Modernisation Project

Project Summary/Background

During the past seven years, Bega Valley Shire Council spent $10.4 million on landfill construction costs.
Last year alone more than 21 thousand tonnes of material went into Bega Valley landfill. To meet national waste reduction targets, we need to recover these resources instead.


  • By adding 1100 new rural collection services this financial year
  • By developing a state-of-the-art Resource Recovery Centre near Bega
  • By consolidating our services to three sites done better, open every day within the next five years
  • By working with our community to change the way we think about waste

Projections based on current filling rates show the Shire’s only landfill site will be full in 15 years unless things change.

To combat this, we are modernising our waste facility approach with a major project that focuses on three key strategies to divert valuable resources away from landfill:

  • Site consolidation: three sites, done better, open every day.
    We propose the development of three existing sites (Eden, Bermagui, and a new Resource Recovery Centre at the Central Waste Facility near Bega). These sites will offer seven-day-a-week service and greatly improved recycling amenities. The Bemboka, Merimbula and Wallagoot sites will close as the three main waste facilities become fully operational. The Cobargo site will remain closed, and the Candelo site will close sooner due to extensive investment required for its ongoing use.
  • Rural waste pickup and bin banks: better service and reduce waste-to-landfill.
    With the introduction of rural kerbside collection or bin bank services to 1,100 households, nearly all our rural customers will receive the same level of waste services. This will greatly decrease the need for rural transfer stations and reduce waste-to-landfill with more yellow bins in circulation.

Have questions? Read our FAQ (Questions and Answers)

  • Increased capacity to divert and recycle material away from landfill.
    With the development of the Eden and Bermagui sites, plus the opening of a new Resource Recovery Centre at the Central Waste Facility near Bega, we can implement a significant diversion of resources away from landfill by offering improved recovery and recycling services. The new Resource Recovery Centre will house a processing plant for the Shire’s recyclable products, and will form part of an overall Resource Recovery Precinct. Additional options for the precinct include: a FOGO composting facility, and a Materials Recovery Centre where waste is given a new recycled or upcycled life. An example of one of these centres can be viewed here


These are considerable, but necessary, changes with the goal of drastically reducing the resources that are going to landfill, this is because:

  • Landfills are expensive. We have spent $10.4 million in the past seven years digging holes to bury waste and resources.
  • We are landfilling material that can be reused, repurposed and recycled. More jobs can be created locally when we reuse, repurpose and recycle.
  • Landfilling creates methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide (Australian Greenhouse Office, 2005.  National Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2004).
  • State and Federal governments are supporting ‘shovel ready’ projects that create local jobs, innovation and greater local investment. We want that money for our community, to fund projects that will play their part in developing a local circular economy.
  • We have an obligation to support both Federal (The National Waste Policy) and State (The Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy) targets. 


The total cost of implementing the proposed Resource Recovery Project is approximately $3 to $4.5 million dollars.  The final cost will be based on the construction costs of each element.

While this is a Council-funded project, we will be seeking grant funding from the State and Federal governments to offset any costs where possible. The proposed project and maintenance of the sites will draw on waste management charges generated through Council rates.

Who's listening

Project timeline

Councillors agreed on August 26 that our waste services need significant change. It was agreed a community information program be undertaken to explain why the proposed changes are being recommended. On September 28, Council will start a series of Community Information Sessions where people can learn more about the project. If the proposed project is adopted, Council will start work immediately, with improvements such as kerbside pick-up and bin banks rolling out this financial year. Larger projects, such as the proposed Resource Recovery Centre, will require approval from planning authorities, and could take up to three years to complete. Council is aiming to deliver the whole project within the next five years.

Council will only close the Merimbula, Wallagoot and Bemboka sites once the three main resource recovery centres are fully operational. We will keep the community informed as the project progresses.

Community Strategic Plan (CSP) link

The Bega Valley Shire Council’s Waste Management Strategy ‘Recycling the Future’ (2018-2028) delivers the community’s vision for the future as outlined in Council’s Community Strategic Plan:

“Greater investment in innovative waste management technologies and processes, a focus on public litter, greater recycling and harnessing the benefits of local waste transformation.”

FAQ - General


FAQ - Kerbside Bins and Bin Banks

A kerbside collection service is where the garbage truck drives past your property and collects your bins and in most instances you bring your bin out weekly for collection. We use bin banks in remote rural areas when the collection truck is unable to drive past your property. With bin banks, Council allocates bins in the locked bin bank to each resident and you have 24-hour access to dispose of your waste. When determining bin bank locations Council tries to locate them as close as possible to a group of properties.


Albury Waste Management Centre:

This example of a modern Waste Management Centre is a drive-through facility that allows customers to deliver all sorts of recyclable products and general waste at a series of easy-to-use drop-off points. The proposed Resource Recovery Precinct near Bega will be similar to this facility.


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