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Working dogs

The Companion Animals Act provides an exemption from microchipping and registration for working dogs which is defined in the Act as:

Section 5 - 'Definitions' states in part:

"working dog" means a dog used primarily for the purpose of droving, tending, working or protecting stock, and includes a dog being trained as a working dog.

If your dog's primary use is for stock management and is kept on land which is not rated by Council as "Farmland", it must still be microchipped and registered ($0 registration fee). If the working dog is kept on land rated as "Farmland", then it is not required to be microchipped or registered. Working dogs lose all exemptions if siezed by Council Rangers and must be microchipped and lifetime registered prior to being returned to the owner.

Rural dogs

There is no exemption from microchipping and registration for rural dogs. Rural dogs that do not fit the working dog definition must be microchipped and registered.

The owner of the animal is guilty of an offence if these requirements are not complied with.

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