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Construction Certificate

What is a Construction Certificate?

A Construction Certificate verifies that relevant matters specified in the development consent and applicable legislation has been satisfied. Construction Certificates are valid for the life of the development consent.

Council will assess your Construction Certificate application to ensure it: 

  • Adheres to the Building Code of Australia
  • Is consistent with the plans and conditions approved under the development consent
  • Meets BASIX commitments
  • Complies with relevant bushfire provisions
  • Complies with other Construction Certificate submission requirements

All development, unless it’s exempt or complying development, will require a Construction Certificate. This includes building, engineering and earthworks. A Construction Certificate application contains detailed plans and specifications and must be consistent with the development consent. A Construction Certificate is required after development consent is issued and before work is carried out unless you are submitting a Combined Development application, which allows for development consent and a Construction Certificate to be applied for at the same time.

Please note a Combined Development is only an option when Council has been appointed the Principal Certifying Authority.

Construction Certificate requirements

While Council will inform you about the specific requirements for your individual application, detailed plans and building specifications will make up part of your Construction Certificate application.  For a comprehensive list of information that may be required please go to Part 3 of Schedule 1 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. Also please go to Council’s Application Guidelines to see the list of specifications that may be required and the information about building materials you will need to fill out - Council is required to submit this information to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Issuing a Construction Certificate

A Construction Certificate can be issued either by Council or by a private accredited certifier. If you choose Council, then the Construction Certificate can be applied for, and issued, at the same time as your development consent. This is called a Combined Development application. (Please see below for more information about Combined Development applications.) Otherwise you will need to lodge an application after development consent has been granted.

If you would like Council to issue the Construction Certificate, you will need to complete and lodge the application form with Council. For information about private certifiers please go to the Building Professionals Board web site.

Applying for a Construction Certificate from Council

Combined Development application

If you submit a Combined Development application you are in effect applying for a Construction Certificate from Council at the same time as lodging a development application. This would be suitable for most development proposals where consideration of the development application is unlikely to require modification to the construction drawings, and the level of detail of plans and specifications is sufficient to enable endorsement for construction. Note that plans may need to be redrawn to comply with the development consent before a Construction Certificate is issued and significant costs may have been unnecessarily incurred in preparing working drawings.

It is therefore recommended that combined applications be lodged only when the proposal meets all relevant requirements and the applicant is confident that consent will be given.

Other applications

Lodging an application after you have obtained development consent is the recommended option for complex proposals.

What is the difference between a Construction Certificate and a Building Certificate?

A Building Certificate is a certificate issued by Council stating it will not make certain Orders or take certain action under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, or the Local Government Act 1993, to Order or take proceedings for an Order to have the building (covered by the certificate) to be demolished, altered, added to or rebuilt, or to take proceedings in relation to any encroachment by the building onto land under the control of Council, for a period of seven years.  A certificate is usually applied for when selling houses or other property. For more information please go to Council’s Building Certificate web page.

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