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New Council elected

Tuesday 20 September 2016

The NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) has announced the final results of the recent Bega Valley Shire Council elections.

Previous Councillors, Tony Allen, Kristy McBain, Sharon Tapscott, Russell Fitzpatrick and Liz Seckold were each returned, and new candidates, Robyn Bain, Jo Dodds, Mitchell Nadin and Cathy Griff will form part of the new Council.

Council’s General Manager, Leanne Barnes said she is looking forward to working with the newly elected Council.

“I have contacted the newly elected Councillors by phone and am writing to all Councillors on behalf of Council staff to congratulate them on their election, and I know we will all work closely together to achieve outcomes for the community,” she said.

A formal declaration from the NSW Electoral Commission will take place on Wednesday this week, followed by a Councillor induction on Monday 26 September.

The first Council meeting at which Councillors will for the first time be required to take an oath or affirmation of officer prior to taking up their role and then elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor will take place on Wednesday 28 September at 2pm in the Bega Valley Shire council chambers. The public are invited to attend.

For a detailed view of the election results go to



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