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Fire truck comes to Bandara

Friday 20 November 2015Practising fire safety at Bandara Children’s Services

On the morning of Monday 16 November a big red fire truck came cruising into the car park of Bandara Children's Services, only not for the reason you may think.

Each term the educators and the children at the preschool and long daycare practise their fire and emergency evacuations to ensure everyone knows exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

The response time from almost 60 children and their educators was amazing with everyone evacuating, holding emergency ropes and assembling at the safe point.

This term the children in the preschool room used their smart board to access the website which raised and answered a lot of their questions.

The children learned songs and were given "homework" to find the smoke alarms in their homes and to talk to their parents about what to do and where to go if they have a fire at home.

Bandara educator Sandra Ahkin invited the fire brigade to talk to the children about fire safety and not only did firefighters Cassandra Dickson and Clinton Towill turn up but they brought a fire truck to show the children.

They talked about their safety equipment and answered some hard hitting questions like "What happens if we have a fire in our fire place and Santa can't get down the chimney?"

The children were excited by the flashing lights and sirens and then they were able to dress up and invited to take a turn with the real fire hoses.

Earlier a Bega paramedic, Paul Beard, and father of preschool student Lucy, brought an ambulance to Bandara and talked to the children about the Ambulance Service’s important role in our community.

The educators and children thank the Bega Fire Brigade, Cassandra and Clinton, and Paul for such a fun educational visit and for being such great role models.


Photograph: Practising fire safety at Bandara Children’s Services



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