The amendment item 9.14 to allow questions with out notice would allow more accountability on council staff and also councillors with specific responsibilities. My concern with the amendment is only allowing for 2 questions by a councillor. I would be happier if this number was increased to an indefinite amount in the case of issues arising that require more than 2 questions. I understand that time is a factor, so would be happy to have the amendment read "Questions may be asked at the meeting on a matter on the agenda of the meeting, a matter of which notice has been given in accordance with clauses 3.10 and 3.14, or ask Questions Without Notice on matters of performance, strategy, or policy at a meeting. A Councillor may ask a maximum of two Questions Without Notice at each meeting, however the Chairperson may approve additional questions if requested”

I am happy to see the extending of time for those addressing council and support the amending of item 4.12. I would also like to see an amendment to item 4.16 to read "Speakers at public forums CAN ask questions of the Council, Councillors or Council Staff. If the public have the ability to ask questions in an official setting trust and accountability would be the reward.

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