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Gardens are escaping across the Shire

Morning glory enveloping all in its path.11 February 2019

Garden plants have been enjoying a bumper season with warm humid days and plenty of rain promoting rapid growth and spread. They have responded well to the break in the drought just as pastures and bushland plants have.

We are all enjoying not only a very varied display of flowering plants of all types, but also home-grown fruit and vegetables.

Council’s Biosecurity Invasive Species Coordinator, Jamie Dixon-Keay, points out there is a dark side to this growth however.

“Unwanted or over-enthusiastic garden plants are spreading beyond their boundaries, invading neighbouring land where they may be less than welcome,” Mr Dixon-Keay said.

“Vines, such as morning glory (Ipomoea species) and Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica), to name just a couple, can overwhelm gardens, covering shrubs and trees in a dense mat and climbing over boundary fences where they are doing the same.

“Other plants, including many daisy species, agapanthus, lion’s tail, polygala and the succulents also spread, many beyond gardens into bushland and reserves.

“If you have plants that are rapidly spreading, take care to keep them in your garden and protect the environment beyond your fence.

“Think about what you plant in your garden and consider replacing plants that are unruly with less invasive species,” Mr Dixon-Keay said.

Local nurseries offer advice on appropriate species to plant and Council Biosecurity Officers are more than happy to visit your property with advice on how to restrain or safely dispose of unwanted and unruly garden plants.

Officers can also provide advice on what not to plant and advise on similar plants that are less likely to spread - if you would like to arrange a visit please contact Council on 6499 2222.

For more information please visit or download the WeedWise app in Google Play and iTunes and select Bega Valley South East for priority weeds in the Bega Valley Shire.

Photograph: Morning glory enveloping all in its path.



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