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Pre-lodgement advice

Development advice

Development advice is available from Council’s Development Hub on exempt, complying and local development. The Development Hub staff are available to discuss your application prior to lodgement and is also available to answer general planning and building enquiries.

Appointments can also be made with a planner or building surveyor, as well as with the Development Hub staff, by calling Council on 02 6499 2209. 

Development Advisory Panel

Bega Valley Shire Council’s Development Advisory Panel provides pre-lodgement advice to people, groups or companies intending to carry out major and/or complex development. Written notes from the meeting relating to your development proposal will be forwarded to you as soon as possible after the meeting, usually within seven days.

The Development Advisory Panel comprises of the following staff, although other staff may attend when needed.

  • Planning Coordinator
  • Building Coordinator
  • Development Engineering Coordinator
  • Environmental Services Coordinator
  • Community Services representative
  • Strategic Planning Coordinator

What does the Development Advisory Panel give advice about?

  • Rezoning (planning proposal) applications
  • Medium density housing development over five units
  • Subdivision involving the construction of a new road (either private or public)
  • Subdivision in excess of ten lots
  • New building within a heritage conservation area or where major work to a heritage-listed property is proposed
  • New development for tourist accommodation or tourist facilities
  • New development for industrial or commercial purposes
  • Proposal for designated development for the purpose of Schedule 3 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
  • Proposal for regional development for the purpose of the State and Regional Development SEPP and Schedule 4A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979

Benefits of early consultation

  • Provides an overview of legislative requirements and Council policy requirements
  • Identifies any issues or constraints that might apply to the land or development proposed
  • Identifies documents and plans that are likely to be required to support the application
  • Provides a clear direction for progression of the development proposal
  • Saves time by ensuring the applicant is aware of all the information needed to submit a complete application

Please note advice from the Panel is not approval, in principle or otherwise, to proceed with any proposed activity or development. The determination of any proposal can only be made once a development application or planning proposal (rezoning) has been lodged with Council and has been assessed against relevant legislation and Council policies.

How to arrange a meeting

The Development Advisory Panel meets Thursdays from 10am. To make an appointment contact the Development Hub on 02 6499 2209, or via email  Appointments may also be made in person at the front counter of Council’s offices in Zingel Place, Bega.

Please make an appointment no later than midday Monday, prior to the Thursday you wish to meet with the Panel. If there are no available appointments on the day Council can arrange your appointment for the following week. When making your appointment with the Panel please provide, or arrange to provide, the following information:

  • The names of the people attending the meeting
  • The address of the land under discussion
  • The type of development proposed
  • A contact person and phone number
  • A locality plan identifying the property
  • A concept plan showing the layout of the site (at minimum) and sketch elevations with basic dimensions
  • A brief written description of the proposal
  • Photographs (where possible) of the site and existing buildings where relevant

Fee structure

  • The Development Advisory Panel will consider and provide preliminary plan advice where material is provided, but where the customer does not wish or need to be in attendance at the meeting, for a fee of $253.
  • Pre-lodgement meetings with the Panel are $370 for the first hour and $253 per hour after that. Please note even if the meeting does not take up the full second hour the full hourly rate will be charged.
  • An invoice will be forwarded to the applicant after the meeting.

Pre-Lodgement Advice for residential development

 If you need specific advice on building information prior to submitting your development application for a new dwelling or dwelling additions, you can request that one of our Building Inspectors meet you on site to discuss your queries.  Please Note:  Our Building Inspectors do not offer design advice – you should contact an architect or draughtsperson in this regard. 

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please complete the Pre-lodgement Building Inspection Application and return it to .  Council staff will contact you to obtain credit card details for payment of the $162.00 application fee. 

Your Construction Certificate fees OR your Complying Development Certificate fees can be reduced by $162.00 should you decide to use Council as your certifier for the project.  To get the reduction in fees, you will need to tell Council staff at the time of submitting your Construction Certificate or your Complying Development Certificate that you have completed a Pre-Lodgement Building Advice form and provide staff with details of date of payment of the $162.00.   

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