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Working hard to save vandalised trees

Friday 9 October 2015

The Bega Valley Shire Council has been working hard to save trees that were illegally ring barked in Mogareeka earlier this year.

Council Vegetation Management Officers treated ringbarked trees on 15 May 2015 after receiving advice from a local consulting arborist that the trees could possibly be saved.

Ringbarking is a fatal process of removing a strip of bark entirely around a tree, preventing nutrients to be sent from the roots up to the tree.

The treatment process involved wrapping the affected trees in a plastic film and spraying them with lanolin to keep the cuts moist.

Council’s Vegetation Management Coordinator, Lyall Bogie, said the trees were inspected last Thursday 24 September and have shown no decay in relation to the surrounding living trees, which is a positive sign.

“The hope is that the cuts would callous over and the water and nutrient transport in the bark would continue until the healing had occurred.

“It is a cautious determination though, given the warmer weather and onset of the growth season could see the plant’s need for nutrients and water exceed what can be carried through the makeshift ‘bark’ of plastic wrap.

“The tree’s natural healing scar process – the callous growth – has not happened yet so unfortunately it may still die. We are monitoring closely and doing the best we can at this time,” he said.

Investigations are continuing into the person or persons involved in this illegal tree damage.

For more information contact Lyall Bogie on 6499 2405.


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