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Land valuations

Council will be using valuations with a base date of 1 July 2019 for rating purposes in 2020-2021. Property owners in the Council area have been provided with a valuation of their property from Property NSW. The valuations are based upon the land value only of the property.

About land values

If your land value changes by less than the shire’s average increase, you will pay more. If your land value lowers by more than the average decrease, however, your payments will go down.

What ratepayers need to bear in mind, therefore, is that movement in land value does not necessarily reflect movements in rates charged.

Changes in land values cause the redistribution of what individual properties pay in rates with the total general yield. The total general rate yield does not change as a result of changes to land valuations.

This system ensures the distribution of rate payments remains fair and equitable. It has no effect on the amount we raise from our rates, just the restructuring of payments based on up to date land valuations.

Concerned about your land value?

Any appeal against the property valuation should be lodged with Land and Property Management Authority


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