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Concerns about dogs at Kianinny

Friday 26 February 2016

Bega Valley Shire Council rangers recently stepped up patrols to regulate offences under the Companion Animals Act for dogs not under effective control by means of a cord or leash in hot spot areas and in response to concerns from members of the public.

Senior ranger Chris Pearson said there has been concern about dogs off-leash at Kianinny Bay in Tathra recently prompting media interest and discussion among local residents and dog owners in the Shire.

“On Saturday 13 February a swimmer was bitten and injured by a dog at Kianinny. The dog was off-leash and unsupervised at the time,” Mr Pearson said.

He reminded dog owners that all dogs must be under effective control in a public place, unless the area is a designated off-leash-area. Public areas do not have to be sign posted to advise dog owners that dogs are required to be under effective control which is a common misconception by dog owners.

“Our rangers have seen an increase in dog-related incidents relating to dogs being off-leash or escaping the confines of their property,” he said.

“Understandably, Kianinny Bay makes for a great swimming spot enjoyed by many.

“However, Kianinny is not a leash- free area and no person should feel unsafe where dogs are not under effective control or unsupervised,” Mr Pearson said.


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