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What is a Building Certificate?

A Building Certificate is not the same as a Construction Certificate. A Construction Certificate is authorisation to start building. A Building Certificate is not mandatory and is usually applied for when someone is buying a property and wants to check that the building or buildings on the property are properly authorised. In general a Building Certificate is associated with the sale of the property;  refinancing loans associated with the property and the regulation of building works that may have been built without consent.

A Building Certificate will cover unauthorised buildings and work, buildings in disrepair and buildings that encroach on Council land, and if issued means no penalty orders will be given to have the building demolished or altered. It is basically a formal agreement that Council is happy with the structures on the property to which the Certificate relates.

A Building Certificate remains current for seven years.

While a Building Certificate may reveal illegal building work as well as unauthorised use, structural defects and fire safety issues, it is not a certificate to say that a building passes any specific construction requirements and is not a status report in respect of defects, or contraventions. Pest inspections and structural inspections still need to be undertaken if you are a potential buyer however please note Council may also require works to be carried out prior to the issue of a Building Certificate in relation to fire and swimming pool safety, guttering and downpipes and any other noticeable building defects. 

Council recommends applying for a Building Certificate as it assists to protect buyers and financial institutions. Obtaining a Building Certificate for a property is a way an owner, or potential buyer, or a financial institution can be assured the structural assets on the property are in reasonable repair, are safe, and have the approval of Council.

Applying for a Building Certificate

Who can apply for a Building Certificate?

  • The owner or owners of the land on which the building is built
  • Anyone with the written consent of the owner or owners
  • A solicitor or agent acting for a purchaser or the owner(s)
  • A public authority that has notified the owner(s) of its intention to apply for the certificate

Applications for a Building Certificate can be made on Council's Building Certificate application form.

What's required when submitting an application

In order to determine an application for a Building Certificate, Council will inspect the building and review relevant Council records.

The applicant will need to submit

  • Relevant fees
  • A certified copy of a survey certificate of the building
  • Written details and certification from a professional engineer and or an accredited certifier – building surveyor of any unauthorised or non-complying building work must be provided to Council

Council may require other details such as plans/specifications, fire safety details, structural certification, details of compliance with the Building Code of Australia and occupation certificates in relation to any building works.

Fees and charges

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More information

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