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Business Support Group helping Andy seize the day

Andy Morris from Working From Anywhere.

11 February 2021

Andy Willis (above) walks the talk when it comes to running his business, Working From Anywhere, which he started in 2015. Although he lives in Tathra, Andy runs his business from wherever he needs to be each day.

Through Working From Anywhere, Andy empowers other business owners to make time for life now by shifting their mindset to understand they can effectively operate their business wherever they please.

Over the years, Andy has helped many business owners transition to doing work differently, but he struggled getting the client base he needed to move his business forward.

“The biggest challenge for me was getting people to understand how I could make a difference,” Andy said. “I needed advice on how to find the people I could help and then communicate succinctly what I could do for them.”

Having previously worked with Bega Valley Business Support Group (BSG) member, Paul Morris of EY Virtual Drop-In Centre, Andy approached him to discuss getting some business support.

After assessing Andy’s situation, Paul referred him to another BSG member, Strengthening Business Facilitator Steve Millott, to provide more intensive and ongoing support.

Steve helped Andy further explore the purpose and aspirations of his business and connect to a network of influencers.

Steve is still working with Andy, keeping him motivated and on point with his vision.

“In working with Steve, the biggest win for my business has been the connections to the right people who can help get my message and products out there,” Andy said.

“The other huge benefit has been Steve’s continual support and encouragement to stay positive.”

As a result, Andy is about to publish a book, The Carpe Diem Way, on how business owners can think about and do work differently.

Andy’s client base for his Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Program has increased and in March he is holding his inaugural Working From Anywhere TagAlong Camp where he hopes to show people that they can change the way they work, live and holiday.

“I believe there is no such thing as work-life balance - there is only life.”

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