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Littleton Gardens artwork

Tuesday 9 June 2015Artist's impressionof how the artwork will look in Littleton Gardens.

Pambula artist Jen Mallinson will be commissioned to develop and install her feature art work, ‘the meeting of two rivers’ in Bega’s Littleton Gardens later this year.

The sculpture will be commissioned on the basis that artworks are integral to the redevelopment of the Littleton Gardens precinct, as a place of civic and cultural life.

Mayor Michael Britten, who was a member of the selection panel appointed to assess the submissions, said a commissioning process for a feature artwork and an interactive play sculpture was conducted as part of the redevelopment.

“The aim of the process is to ensure site-specific artworks are developed and installed in time for the opening of the Bega Civic Centre,” he said.

“We sought expressions of interest for both art works and were delighted when 23 submissions were received from a wide range of artists, demonstrating a high interest in the site and an acknowledgement of the potential significance of the project.” 

Other members of the selection panel were Simon Schweitzer (Manager, Community and Culture BVSC); Iain Dawson (Curator, Bega Valley Regional Gallery); Andrew Gray (CEO, South East Arts); and Jen Hunt (community representative).

Following shortlisting by the panel, three artists were invited to respond to a design brief specific to each project.

The intention of the feature artwork was to create a distinctive and contemporary sculptural piece which responded to the site.

Artists were asked to develop a design which would enhance the ambiance of Littleton Gardens;  have a considered presence by day and night;  have the potential to become a much loved icon for the Shire;  reference culture, history and environment; age gracefully over time; and require minimal maintenance and cleaning. 

Cr Britten said the artwork is an important first step to introducing public art to the Littleton Gardens project.

“The next step is the consideration of an interactive play sculpture to be commissioned as part of the precinct’s future development.

“Art in public spaces creates a point of difference and interest, it enhances ambience and attractiveness, encourages use of outdoor areas and contributes to a sense of pride and wellbeing in the community. 

“I look forward to seeing the introduction of artworks that reflect the Bega Valley Shire’s diverse heritage, culture and ecology,” Cr Britten said.

Council thanks all artists who submitted works for the project.

About the Artist

Jen Mallinson’s feature work, ‘The meeting of two rivers… nurturing and embracing of cultures’ will sit alongside the pathway in Littleton Gardens in order to encourage public interaction and to enhance its visual appeal.

It will be made from steel with laser cut patterns representing local flora and fauna as well as describing an Aboriginal meeting place that is significant to Biamanga and Gulaga Mountains.

The laser cut patterns are inspired by the patterns found under the bark of many local gums.

Ms Mallinson says the shape of the artwork represents the conjunction of the Bega and Brogo rivers and instils a feeling of nurturing and the embracing of cultures.

During daylight hours intricate light patterns will be cast on the pathway below.

For more information on Jen Mallinson, go to

Photograph: the artist’s impression of how the artwork will look in Littleton Gardens.


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  • I am delighted that Jen Mallinson has been commissioned to provide the first sculpture for Littleton Gardens. This Council is to be commended for its commitment to Public Art & the Shire will be so much the richer for it. Well done, everyone !

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  • And how much will this monstrosity cost? How much will it take away from our terrible roads?
    Why not create gardens?
    How many drunk people will climb all over this and fall on their heads?
    Waste of bloody money

    Alert moderator

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