Thank you for the opportunity to comment on Council’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan. I am an Eden resident with disabilities. As with many people with limitations on their ability to exercise, swimming and exercise in the water is a welcome, and sometimes the only, option. I would like to be able to access my local council pool at Eden which at the moment has no allowance at all for people with disabilities. Travel to the Pambula pool is not always an option for myself and I’m sure many other Eden residents. Please include disabled access to the Eden pool as part of your Disability Inclusion Action Plan to enable ALL Eden residents access to this facility. I ask also that consideration be given to relocating a more accessible toilet and change room amenity block at the Eden pool. I personally find the the current amenity block a challenge to use when I am at the pool with my grandchildren. The access from the pool is quite steep for someone with mobility issues. Thank you for your consideration of these issues.

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