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Vision & Strategic Direction

Council & Infrastructure

  • Asset Management Plans

    Asset management plans have been prepared to demonstrate responsible management of assets.

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  • Communications & Engagement

    Communications & Engagement

    The actions outlined in this strategy will take us to the point where the things we say are heard, digested, responded to and shared.

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  • Community Strategic Plan (CSP)

    Community Strategic Plan (CSP)

    The CSP sets the long term strategic direction of Council and outlines what needs to be completed each financial year to achieve the strategic actions.

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  • Community Survey

    Community Survey

    The survey independently measures the community’s perception of key Council services as well as Council’s overall performance.

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  • Cultural development support

    Cultural development support

    Council is committed to supporting our cultural communities, and the opportunities that cultural activity brings to the Shire.

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  • Land Investment Strategy

    Land Investment Strategy

    this strategy outlines the best use and return options for council land holdings.

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  • Our Values

    Our Values

    Bega Valley Shire Council’s values ’PLaCE’.

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  • Partnerships / MOUs

    Partnerships / MOUs

    Partnerships and the memorandum of understanding supporting the partnerships.

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  • Social Issues Papers

    Social Issues Papers

    The process of investigating and responding to the social needs and aspirations of all the people who live or work in the Bega Valley Shire.

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