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  • Hazardous waste disposal

    Hazardous waste is dangerous to the environment and our health, disposing of it properly is very important.

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  • Online payments

    Online payments

    Pay your rates, water or debtors account online with your credit card.

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  • Onsite sewage management

    Onsite sewage management

    If your home is not connected to the sewer, you may have an on-site sewerage management system.

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  • Property addressing

    Property addressing

    A simple and permanent means of identifying, locating and addressing properties in rural areas.

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  • Swimming Pools

    Swimming Pools

    Information about pool fencing laws, pool registration, pool safety, and pool notices in property sale and tenancy agreements.

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  • Tree management

    Tree management

    Information on tree removal, pruning and the Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

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  • Update my postal address

    Update my postal address

    Information about Update my postal address

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  • Waste collection calendar

    Waste collection calendar

    When to put out your red, yellow and green bins for collection and what you should be putting in them.

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  • Waste disposal voucher

    Waste disposal voucher

    The voucher allows for the property owner to dispose of one (1) cubic metre of rubbish free each year.

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  • Waste Services - Forms

    Waste Services - Forms

    Online forms for lost, damaged or stolen bin, overflowing public bins, domestic waste services, waste account requests and general enquiries.

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  • Weed & Biosecurity management

    Weed & Biosecurity management

    Information about Weed & Biosecurity management

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