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Have your say on the Draft Merimbula Transport Study to plan, design and manage the transport network in the Merimbula town centre.

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The draft Merimbula Transport Study has been prepared by Cardno (now Stantec), on behalf of Council, in collaboration with business and community members.

The study seeks to recognise all modes of transport, including vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, their interdependencies and the needs of users now and in the future.

The study focusses on the Merimbula Central Business District (CBD) and Fishpen precinct and considers this area in the context of its surroundings, including connections to neighbouring towns and regional hubs.

The study has been developed to plan, design and manage our transport network to maximise benefits for the people and places they serve and achieve the vision for Merimbula.

The vision

By 2040, the coastal atmosphere of Merimbula as a vibrant seaside destination has been enhanced by orienting commercial developmentimt towards the lake, prioritising pedestrians and improving public open space.

The study is being publicly exhibited to seek community feedback before it is finalised by Council. Once adopted, the study will be used to guide planning and investment in an integrated transport network that supports the vision for Merimbula.

For more information visit the project page.

Movement and Place

The study was based on the methodology and principles of the Movement and Place Framework. The framework recognises that it is important to understand place as well as movement before considering changes to either, because they are intrinsically linked.

The objective of the Framework is to achieve roads and streets that:

  • contribute to the network of public space within a location, where people can live healthy, productive lives, meet each other, interact and go about their daily activities
  • are enhanced by transport and have the appropriate space allocation to move people and goods safely and efficiently and connect places together.

Documents on exhibition

The Draft Merimbula Transport Study Context Report outlines the project methodology including the classification of streets, and details the strategic context, relevant elements of place and movement, intersection performance, issues and opportunities as well as presenting the transport modelling and analysis results, and a consultation report.

The Draft Merimbula Transport Study Recommendations Report clarifies the objectives of the study and outlines:

  • 55 recommendations to improve public areas, walking and cycling, public transport, roads and parking, and
  • 5 transformative ideas for the town centre

The Recommendations Report also includes the Traffic Analysis and detailed explanation of one-way CBD options.

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