Glebe Lagoon Flying Fox Management Plan

Council is seeking community feedback on the draft Glebe Lagoon Grey Headed Flying Fox Management Plan.


The Glebe Lagoon Grey-headed Flying-fox Management Plan has been developed in consultation with the local community and other key stakeholders to guide the appropriate management of the camp. The Plan outlines issues of concern to the local community and identifies feasible management actions to be undertaken to reduce impacts on the local community whilst promoting the conservation of the Grey-headed Flying-fox camp.

The Plan will be implemented and reviewed over a five-year period. Certain factors may trigger an earlier review of the Plan to enable other management options to be considered. An adaptive, flexible approach to management has been proposed and will be informed by ongoing monitoring of the camp and the effectiveness of implemented management actions.

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After an extensive development and research development phase, Bega Valley Shire Council welcomes local residents views on the draft plan. We are particularly keen to hear from those residents who live near Glebe Lagoon and key local community groups who utilise the Glebe Lagoon Reserve and broader showground precinct.

We would love to hear about which actions will work well and what actions may need further thought. Chapter 5 of the management plan lists key management actions that Council hopes to implement in partnership with the local community and key State Government Agencies.

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Michael Fiedler
Environment Management Officer
Bega Valley Shire Council
Phone: 02 6499 2222



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Please submit your feedback by: Midnight Friday 5 January 2024.

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