Economic Development Strategy

Economic development is seen as a key driver of a Shire wide economic sustainability through the development of a broad based economy and the diversification of opportunities for both residents and investors.

An Enterprising Place

The Bega Valley is a community that works together achieving a balance between quality of life, enterprising business, sustainable development and conservation of the environment.

We aim to continue to grow a diverse, vibrant, resilient and balanced economy for the future that will provide jobs growth and drive sustainable economic success for years to come.

Council shares an important responsibility with small business in driving economic development to create jobs and drive innovation in the Shire.

We actively promote the Shire and its community as a stunning, successful and liveable place; a place where people feel invested, a place where people want to live, work, and raise their families.

To ensure ongoing success and growth into the future it is essential that Council continues to integrate economic considerations into its planning, regulatory and engagement activities.

We highly value the importance of growing the Shire’s economy to provide future generations with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of economic stability.

Bega Valley Shire Council is committed to working with the community to provide an economically sustainable environment for every local resident.

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