Use of public land

Use of Public Land guidelines and application forms.

Whale Festival Eden.A use of public land includes any event or activity that uses Council’s footpaths, roadways, parks, sporting fields and other Council owned or managed land. These include events or activities such as;

  • Outdoor eating
  • Movable signage
  • Shopfront footpath displays
  • Filming and photography
  • Skips, hoarding and construction zones
  • Mobile food vending
  • Circuses, carnivals and other single events.

To view the policy, visit our Public Policies page and search for 'use of public land' or 'film' or 'film and video'. The policy aims to provide a balance between the needs of the community and the activity/event organiser.

Certain activities may be eligible for a use of public land exemption. These include activities such as busking, guided walks and other passive recreational activities. Providing the activity is consistent with the definition and specific criteria under the policy, a use of public land application is not required to be submitted to Council.

To apply

Before you start your application it is important to note that if your event or activity involves the closure, or part closure, of any Council road you will first need to seek early approval from the Bega Valley Traffic Committee. Please refer to this link for further information on road closure requests.

Please submit a use of public land application form below along with supporting documentation, as listed within the checklist of the application form. Application forms for events or activities can be found at the bottom of this page.

The applicant must provide with the application, a copy of a current Certificate of Currency, public liability insurance cover for at least $20m for any one claim. Note, Bega Valley Shire Council must be named as an interested party to the insurance policy.

Please visit sporting fields for information on bookings or hire of recreational grounds.

If you are unsure if your event or activity is exempt or fits within the Policy, please contact Council’s Public Land Use Officer for assistance on 0429 210 337 or by email at

Furthermore, Council can advise a proposed planning timeline and any further necessary approvals required for an event or activity.


Time frames

Please ensure the following timeframes are met before submitting your application.

It is important to plan your event or activity early and ensure adequate time is allowed during the initial stages of planning.

  • Applications must be received a minimum of 4 weeks (1 month) prior to the date the request is needed for.
  • If your event includes a road closure of up to 24 hours, please submit your request at least 120 days (4 months) before the event.
  • If your event or road closure is greater than 24 hours and is a non-complying event, please submit your request at least 150 days (5 months) before the event.
    Non-complying event refer to events that require conditions of approval relating to excessive noise, temporary structures or places of public entertainment.

Related information

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  2. Council’s adopted fees and charges
  3. Application form for Food Stall - Temporary Food Stall
  4. Template for Risk Assessment

Application form

Please read the following carefully prior to submitting an application.

  1. Confirmation of event
    I understand that the proposed activity does not have Council approval until I have met all requirements and have been issued with a letter of approval for public land use or filming and photography.  
  2. Public Liability insurance
    I understand that I require a current Certificate of Currency to certify at least $20 million public liability coverage for this activity and have noted Bega Valley Shire Council’s interest on the certificate. 
  3. Fees and charges
    I understand the fees payable under this policy will be applied as prescribed under Council's adopted fees and charges.  All applications will be subject to an administration and/or application fee, some uses may also be subject to an annual tenure agreement fee or rent. I will be invoiced for all charges when calculated and that payment is due within 30 days of invoicing. If an invoice has already been issued for an event that is subsequently cancelled by the organiser, Council will retain the administration fee if it has already been paid, or request payment if it is yet to be made.
  4. Application due dates
    That time frames as outlined above have been taken into consideration.
  5. Public notification
    If the event is longer than three consecutive days it may require public notification, in this instance the application is required at least six months before the event.


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