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Landfill - What to put in your red bin?

Red lid bins are collected fortnightly if you are on a collection route or for rural residents recycling material can be taken to any of Council's Recycling and Waste Depots or Community Recycling Centres.

There's actually not a lot that should be going in your landfill bin - most things can be recycled or composted!!

What you CAN put in your red bin!

Image with the word yes with a big tick next to it.Red bin.

  • Disposable nappies and incontinence aids
  • Tissues
  • Glass, Pyrex and ceramics (broken or whole)
  • Disposable cups, plates and cutlery (check that they aren't certified compostable first!)
  • Garden hoses and rope
  • Glad wrap and plastic films
  • Soft plastics that are unable to be cleaned for soft plastic recycling
  • Styrofoam or polystyrene
  • Textiles and shoes beyond reuse or repair

Lets all #choosetherightbin and keep our landfill for those few things that actually need it.


What you CAN'T put in your red bin!

Image with the word no with a big cross next to it.

  • Household batteries, smoke detectors, fluorescent globes and tubes, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, motor and cooking oils - drop for free at the Community Recycling Centre
  • E-waste - dispose of at local waste transfer station or check with appliance stores
  • Car parts
  • Building waste, rocks, soil - disposal at your local waste transfer station (loads over 3m3 and rocks/soil please call Council)
  • Flammable chemicals, paint - free disposal at annual Household Chemical Cleanout events


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