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Recycling - what to put in my yellow bin?

Yellow lid bins are collected fortnightly if you are on a collection route or for rural residents recycling material can be taken to any of Council's Recycling and Waste Depots or Community Recycling Centres.

What you CAN put in your yellow bin!

Image with the word yes with a big tick next to it.Yellow bin.

  • All glass and plastic bottles, jars and containers (all numbers accepted)
  • Clean paper and cardboard (dirty stuff can go in your FOGO)
  • Milk and Juice 'Tetra' cartons eg. long-life milk and juice
  • Metal and aluminium cans and tins -  you can also take eligible bottles and cans to NSW Return andd Earn
  • Aluminium foil scrunched into a ball at least the size of a golf ball (this also goes for hairdressers!)

Remember - you can keep the lids ON your milk bottles - just squash all the air out and put the lid back on, or squeeze the lid inside the empty bottle so they are recycled too!

Please do not put your recycling in plastic bags


What you CAN'T put in your yellow bin!

Image with the word no with a big cross next to it.

  • Garden waste - put in your FOGO bin
  • Styrofoam trays or packaging - offer to your local kindy or 'Buy Nothing' FP group
  • Plastic bags, cling wrap, plastic wrapping, soft plastices - take to your local supermarket for recycling
  • Cardboard or paper with food on it - put in your FOGO bin
  • Food scraps - put in your FOGO bin

Recycling is taken to our contractors depot for decontamination before going to the Hume Material Recovery Facility in the ACT for processing.  Please help our contractor by putting only the items listed above in your yellow bin.


Our split trucks collect recycling and general waste in one go

YES the yellow and red bins can be emptied into the one truck.  Cleanaway operate a number of ‘split trucks’ the driver can empty the red bin in one chamber and the yellow bin in another with the push of a button.  The red bin waste can be sent to landfill while the recycling is still on board.
Image showing the two sections of the the split waste truck.

Watch how the split truck works


What to do with your plastic shopping bags?

Check with your local supermarket and ask the question; can you take my unwanted bags?

How to recycle other household items:

Visit to find your nearest CleanOut event to safely dispose of yor household chemicals.

Return unwanted or out-dated medicine to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.

mobile phones.
Recycle old mobile phones at Australia Post shops or look for the green Mobile Muster drop off bins at your local bank or phone shop.

printer cartridges.
Drop off your used printer cartridges at participating Australia Post, Officeworks or Harvey Norman stores.

electronics recycling.
E-Waste Can be taken to any tip, however items taken to Merimbula, Bermagui, Wallagoot and Eden Tips go to Canberra for recycling. It is not free to dispose of e-waste, there is a small charge for e-waste.

green cleaning.
To learn about green cleaning in your own home visit

Businesses are not eligible to use the Community Recycling Centres. Visit to find out how to recycle your business waste.


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