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Biosecurity & weed management

Environment & Health

  • Biosecurity

    Weed and Biosecurity management provides information and assistance on noxious and environmental weeds in the Bega Valley Shire.

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  • Weed identification

    Weed identification

    What is a weed? Why do weeds matter? Environmental Weeds? Identify your weeds?

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  • Weed management

    Weed management

    Weed management for the Bega Valley Shire.

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  • Post-fire Biosecurity Information

    Post-fire Biosecurity Information

    Assistance and information on dealing with new weeds introduced from donated feed and fodder.

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  • Organic Farming & Chemical Sensitivities

    Organic Farming & Chemical Sensitivities

    Information about Organic Farming & Chemical Sensitivities

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  • Pesticides Use Notification Plan

    Pesticides Use Notification Plan

    The plan that outlines where Council uses pesticides and how we notify the community.

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  • Contacts & information

    Contacts & information

    Weeds and Biosecurity contact details and links to further information.

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