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  • Building a safe/sustainable home

    Energy efficient, smart designs are a way to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and live more comfortably.

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  • Building and Certification

    Building and Certification

    Information on what you need to do before you start building or renovating and how the construction phase is managed.

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  • Building Code of Australia

    Building Code of Australia

    The BCA + Standards provides a nationally accepted set of technical requirements for all areas of building, from design to construction.

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  • Construction site management

    Construction site management

    Things you need to consider when managing a construction site.

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  • Engineering Standards

    Engineering Standards

    Bega Valley Shire Council design specifications.

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  • Fire safety certification

    Fire safety certification

    Information about Fire safety certification

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  • Inspections


    Inspections during construction are important - they ensure compliance with consent conditions and ensure building work meets proper standards.

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  • Insurance information

    Insurance information

    Home Warranty Insurance needs to be in place for your builder before a Complying Development Certificate or Construction Certificate can be issued.

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  • Owner builder information

    Owner builder information

    Before you decide to do it yourself, find out if you need to complete an owner-builders course.

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  • Plumbing and drainage

    Plumbing and drainage

    Find out what type of works require an inspection and when and how to book inspections and what fees and documents you need to provide.

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  • Safety when renovating

    Safety when renovating

    When renovating make sure you are not working with hazardous material and that you put safety first.

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