Major water and sewerage plan kicks off

MEDIA RELEASE - Council is calling on residents to lay the foundations of a 30-year plan for delivering essential water and sewerage services.

Council's new water treatment and filtration plant in Bemboka.
Council’s new water treatment and filtration plant in Bemboka

23 June 2021

Bega Valley Shire Council is calling on residents to lay the foundations of a 30-year plan for delivering essential water and sewerage services.

Water and Sewerage Services Manager, Chris Best said the plan will kick off with a telephone engagement starting this weekend and an online survey hosted on Council’s Have Your Say webpage.

“We’re beginning this process with a frank and in-depth discussion with the people who use our services,” Mr Best said.

“Although mostly unseen and underground, water and sewerage networks are generally the costliest service that councils provide.

“Identifying community priorities is a valuable part of establishing strategic plans, however these must be interlaced with available funds and statutory requirements.

“In many instances, we are able to deliver on what the community wants and what we are required to do through joint funding agreements with state and federal governments.

“Our current strategic plan has delivered projects of this kind, such as the new Bemboka treatment and filtration plant fully funded by Council, and other treatment plants on the way in Brogo and Bega, each funded through the NSW Government’s Safe and Secure Water Program.

“Engagement for the 30-year strategy will start later this week, beginning with an online survey on Friday and a telephone survey targeting residential and visiting customers will start on Saturday. Later engagement rounds will target developers and business customers.

“While anyone can fill out the online survey, participation in the telephone survey is conducted randomly by our consultant, Communities Thrive, and will run over approximately three weeks.

“We are looking to capture a wide range of opinions across the shire, in areas where households and businesses are serviced by town and village infrastructure.

“Each survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and we encourage everyone to be open and frank with their opinions of the services we provide.

“These opinions and community priorities will be the foundation of our next 30-year water and sewerage strategy. Once we’ve drafted the strategy, we’ll provide another opportunity for community input to ensure the proposed direction meets community expectations.”

To participate in the online survey, visit Council’s Have Your Say webpage. Feedback closes 12 July at 11:59pm.

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