Sportsgrounds within the Bega Valley Shire. Sportsgrounds can be booked for seasonal and casual use.

Sportsgrounds are particularly highly valued by the local community and as such Bega Valley Shire Council is committed to providing the community with the best conditioned, fit-for-purpose, safe, accessible and modern sporting facilities possible in the most efficient manner


All of the sportsground sites either owned or managed by Bega Valley Shire Council can be booked for seasonal and casual use by sporting clubs and associations, schools and community groups. Book Now...


Bega Tennis Courts

Bega Tennis Courts is located on Carp Street Bega with 8 courts available for hire with fees and availability of courts found at Play Tennis

Seasonal bookings are to be made at Play Tennis as well as a group booking application which can be found at Booking a sportsground

Casual Booking along with fees and payment method can be found at  Play Tennis


Multi-purpose Squash Courts

The Multi-purpose Squash Courts are located at the Sapphire Aquatic Centre, 190 Pambula Beach Rd, Pambula Beach. There are 3 courts available for casual and group hire.

Casual bookings can be made with the centre, with more information available at Sapphire Aquatic Centre

Group bookings applications can to be made at Booking a sportsground


Sportgrounds Facility Management Plans

Sportsgrounds include a range of infrastructure including playing surface/s for a variety of sports; lighting; irrigation systems; pavilions; toilets; parking; seating and shelters. These are managed and maintained by a mixture of Council, site committees and user groups.

There are currently 12 sportsground sites managed by Council across the Shire, with volunteer committees in place at many sites working in partnership with Council. It is important to establish management and operational plans to provide fit-for-purpose, safe and accessible sporting facilities, best utilising resources available across the Shire. An FMP provides direction for the operation, maintenance, management, planning and use of sportsgrounds and associated facilities so that the users and community’s needs are best met. It also provides an opportunity for future aspirational goals to be identified. Attached below is the latest sportsground Facility Management Plan.


Sportsgrounds in the Bega Valley Shire


Regional Sporting Complex Master Plans

Master Plans have been developed for Council’s two Regional Level sporting facilities – the Bega and Pambula Sporting Complexes.

A master plan provides a vision for a site, identifying what it should look like and how it should function into the future. It establishes a strong and consistent direction and a framework for ongoing improvement.

Bega Valley Fields Master Plan Review

Council and Recreation Planning Consultants ROSS Planning have been working through a review of the Valley Fields section of the Bega Sporting Complex Master Plan originally adopted in 2016.

The review reflects changes in use of the area since the Master Plan was adopted including increased use of Roy Howard Oval by the Bega Bombers AFL and a proposal from them to increase the facilities and amenities servicing that oval. There had also been a request for additional and improved facilities at Keith Mitchell Oval by Sapphire Coast Hockey Club and Bega Softball.

The Valley Fields area has been used as a sporting oval for some time and Council is keen to see it well used into the future. However, in doing that, there are some challenges and issues that need to be acknowledged and balanced in considering future improvements and developments including changes in use over the past few years, a large part of the site is subject to flooding, residential properties neighbour the ovals, existing facilities and ‘provision gaps’, Council’s ongoing asset management capability and future flexibility and use.

The review process included project notifications and workshops with site users and neighbours, with opportunities to provide feedback either at the workshops or by email. An overview of the process is included in the Bega Valley Shire Council Valley Fields Master Plan Review.

The Council considered and endorsed the Bega Valley Shire Council Valley Fields Master Plan Review on 4 August 2021.

The document will be used to guide future asset renewals and upgrades seeing future facilities relating to user needs, site conditions and ultimately overcoming existing provision gaps to increase participation in sport and recreation.

Sportsgrounds Advisory Committee

Section 355 of the NSW Local Government Act (1993) allows Council to delegate certain functions to a ‘Committee of the Council.’ The Sportsground Advisory Committee comprises of representatives from each of the individual  sportsground site committees as well as a Councillor who chairs the meetings. A Council officer offers a secretariat function to the committee. Read more...


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