Hazardous waste disposal

Hazardous waste is dangerous to the environment and our health, disposing of it properly is very important.

Hazardous waste is dangerous to the environment and our health, disposing of it properly is very important.


Asbestos is a deadly material and inhalation of asbestos fibres has been proven to cause asbestosis, mesothelioma and cancer.

Because of the dangers associated with the handling of asbestos, its safe removal and disposal is very important.

Safe and legal disposal of asbestos in the Bega Valley

Commercial quantities of asbestos from building and demolition sites

  • In Bega Valley Shire commercial quantities of asbestos, that is >0.25 cubic metres, must be disposed of by appointment. The cost is per tonne and is listed in the fees and charges section. Council's Disposal of Asbestos form must be submitted prior to disposal.
  • A Disposal of Asbestos form must be completed prior to making payment.  Payments may be made at the time of disposal.
  • Disposal of waste is controlled by NSW Environmental Protection Authority guidelines.  
  • All loads of asbestos greater than 100kg or 10m3 for sheet asbestos must be recorded using the EPA’s WasteLocate program.  (hyperlink over EPA’s WasteLocate program) Integrated waste tracking solution 
  • Council staff supervising the site will not permit loads of asbestos waste to be tipped from any vehicle.
  • If these requirements are not followed you may be liable for penalties of up to $1,500 per individual and $5,000 for corporations.
  • There are stringent guidelines controlling demolition of buildings containing asbestos - contact SafeWork NSW for advice regarding demolition of buildings, or if you need a licensed demolition contractor.

Small quantities of asbestos from clean up around residential properties

It is common for householders to discover pieces of asbestos cement around or under their home. Small quantities of asbestos can be disposed of at Bermagui, Merimbula and Eden Landfills in approved bags provided by Council. Bags can be pre-purchased at any of our Waste Facilities.  Do Not:

  • Put asbestos in your wheelie bins
  • Mix asbestos with other types of waste and take to the tip
  • Conceal asbestos in waste loads taken to the tip
  • Bury asbestos on your land

Identification of asbestos

Asbestos cement (or AC Sheet) is regularly encountered during demolition of houses built prior to 1987. This is also known as bonded asbestos. Asbestos cement sheeting and normal fibro can only be identified by trained experts. If you are concerned that you may have asbestos, contact Council on 02 6499 2222 and request the assistance of a public health inspector. WorkCover NSW has released an information/fact sheet on where asbestos may be found in the home.

Fibrous asbestos (friable asbestos)

Insulation material in older buildings may also consist of fibrous asbestos material (friable asbestos). Friable asbestos material means any material that contains asbestos and is in the form of a powder or can be crumbled, pulverised, or reduced by hand pressure when dry.

  • If you need to dispose of friable asbestos, contact Council for further information on 6499 2222.

WorkCover NSW and the Environment Protection Authority

The handling and storage of asbestos waste at worksites is regulated by SafeWork NSW, while the storage, disposal and transport of asbestos waste at non-worksites is regulated by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

Other hazardous waste

There are three programs operating in the Bega Valley which help residents and business, including farmers, dispose of their hazardous waste. These programs are ChemClear, drumMUSTER and Council’s own annual, free, household chemical collection for hazardous material such as old paint, car batteries, pesticides and household cleaners.  

  • drumMUSTER is the national program that has been set up for the collection and recycling of cleaned eligible non returnable crop production and on-farm animal health chemical containers. As a chemical user, drumMUSTER provides you with a defined route to safely dispose of your used chemical containers. All you are required to do is clean your containers so they are free of any chemical residue then deliver them to sites across Australia, including Merimbula and Bermagui waste depot centres in the Bega Valley.
  • ChemClear provides a reliable and responsible collection and disposal service for users of agricultural and veterinary chemicals.  These people may include, primary producers, agricultural and veterinary businesses, the ag retail industry, pest control managers, forestry, local and state government agencies, golf courses and any other users of agricultural and veterinary chemical users. To find out more about ChemClear and to book the service go to www.chemclear.com.au
  • Council’s annual household hazardous waste collection day Call Council on 02 6499 2222 to find out when the next hazardous waste collection day is planned.

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