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Did you know that businesses in the Bega Valley can GO FOGO?

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Be A FOGO Friendly Business

Did you know that businesses in the Bega Valley can GO FOGO?

Bega Valley Shire Council is proud to be leading the way offering a FOGO service to its business community, and we are excited to make FOGO even better.

FOGO for Business will save even more valuable resources from landfill, save businesses money, and mean everyone can be part of the waste solution.

How FOGO helps businesses thrive

  • FOGO saves you money. Because sending waste to landfill is expensive—choose the cheaper alternative.
  • The community loves FOGO. Customers are asking businesses to be more environmentally aware and they support businesses that make an effort.
  • FOGO boosts staff morale. People love to be involved in a positive movement, helping you attract and retain motivated and skilled staff.
  • FOGO is quick and easy. Keeping valuable resources out of landfill benefits everyone and getting a FOGO bin is simple.


Already got a FOGO bin?
Let us know by tagging our Waste…The Facts Bega Valley Waste and Recycling page on Facebook so we can give you a shout out - we are always on the lookout for local businesses doing the right thing!

How To GO FOGO For Business

Step 1 - Assess Your Waste Needs

  • Consider how many bins your business currently has, and if they are all being utilised. Do you have too many landfill bins or not enough recycling bins?
  • By getting a FOGO bin you will be reducing the amount of organic waste that is going in your landfill bin - is there opportunity to reduce landfill or recycling bin numbers by better managing which bins the waste is going in?
  • Does your business have food waste that would be suitable for donation? We have a number of Food Donation options in the local area now – details are below in the FAQ section.
  • Can you reduce the amount of food or organic waste ending up in the bin by reviewing how much your business purchases or throws away?  Here are Ways to Reduce Business Food Waste visit


Step 2 - Gain Landlord Permission or Apply for a Waste Account (if needed)

  • If your business tenants a commercial property, your Landlord will be liable for paying the Council bin charges which appear on the properties rates notice.
  • You will need to gain their permission to make changes, either adding or removing bins including FOGO bins.
  • We recommend either having your Landlord make the bin change request directly to Council or that you get their approval in writing.
  • If you are unable to gain permission to make changes to your bin configurations, then you can apply for a Waste Account using the Commercial Tenant Waste Account Request form. Your business will be charged for the additional waste services monthly. Current Fees and Charges can be found here.


Step 3 - Order Your FOGO Bin

  • To order a FOGO bin or make changes to your bin number or type, you will need your Account Number (Step 2) OR your Property Assessment Number, which can be found on the properties rates notice.
  • Go to the Forms page on either the Bega Valley Shire Council website or the Bega Valley Waste App.
  • Fill out the Changing the Size or Number of Your Bins form – here you can increase or decrease the number of bins that you currently have, add a FOGO service and indicate interest in learning more about how to use FOGO, signage for your business and more.


Step 4 - Receive Your FOGO Bin

  • Once your form is processed, your FOGO bin will be delivered (delivery times will vary depending on demand, but usually 1 -2 weeks).
  • When your FOGO bin is delivered, you will find a caddy and roll of liners inside. If this is missing, or you need more caddies or liners for your business, please notify Council by calling 6499 2222.
  • Your new FOGO bin can be placed out alongside your existing bins for collection on your normal collection day.
  • If you are having other bins removed, please make sure these are obvious and accessible once you have submitted your request to make it easy for the contractor to remove them. This may or may not happen on the same day as your FOGO bin is delivered – any queries should be directed to Cleanaway on 1300 093 756.


 Step 5 - Make the Most of Your FOGO bin

  • Thank you for choosing to GO FOGO! Now you have your FOGO bin, remember to always Choose the Right Bin – if you need help remembering what can go in your FOGO, check back to the FAQ section on this page or on the Bega Valley Waste App.
  • You can maximise the use of your FOGO bin by swapping out soft plastics or single-use items for certified compostable ones – download the Waste Wise Fact Sheet (at the top of the page) for more information.
  • TIP – Purchase an additional caddy, so you can have one in use and one in the dishwasher! Remember that you can get a new caddy or more caddy liners when you need them – contact Council on 6499 2222 for more information.
  • If your bin doesn’t get picked up on its regular day, please call Cleanaway on 1300 093 756.

Frequently Asked Questions


Have Your Say

If you would love to use FOGO but don’t think a weekly collection will be enough for your business, or that you may need more bins at busy times of the year, please let us know!

Call Council on 6499 2222 to register your interest or fill out the contact form below – we’d love to hear your feedback!

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    This project was supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.


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