Building steps check list

A checklist designed to help guide you through the planning process when building a dwelling or a shed, or doing alterations or additions.

This checklist is designed to help guide you through what you need for your building proposal.

To achieve a streamlined, fast development process, we recommend you engage the services of a suitably qualified building consultant/designer to put your application together for you.

Preparing to build a new home/alterations & additions or shed


To cut back on delays!

Make sure that: all forms are fully completed; and all documents are supplied at lodgement.

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If after reading the following information, you have any questions about the building process, please contact the Development Hub by phoning us on  02 6499 2209 or send an email to

Steps in detail



Useful Information



Please contact the Development Hub if you require any further assistance with the lodgement process.

- Phone 02 6499 2209
- Email


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