Bega Valley Waste App

Council's free Waste App helps you stay up to date with bin collection days and learn how to recycle more effectively.

Bega Valley Waste app icon.Bega Valley Waste app helps you stay up to date with bin collection days and learn how to recycle more effectively. 

The app is available to download onto iOS and Android devices.

Looking for your electronic waste voucher?

Download the app onto your phone using the link below and follow these simple instructions:

  • Open the app on your phone
  • Tap 'Waste Vouchers' on the app main menu
  • Enter your address and rates assessment number
  • Your free voucher will appear on your phone. Show the screen to our staff when arriving at the tip and they will scan your voucher.

If you don't have access to a mobile phone with Apple or Android app services, or if the app isn't working on your phone, please visit our Waste Vouchers webpage or call us on (02) 6499 2222 and we will send you your vouchers.

App Features

App features include:

  • Personalised bin collection calendar with optional bin day reminders
  • Quick guide to your kitchen bin, our three bin system, and an A-Z list of materials and how to dispose of them
  • Forms to request an additional bin, notify Council of a missed service and more
  • Information about Council’s services and waste facilities, including maps and directions
  • Frequently asked questions, contact details and ‘report a problem’ form
  • Optional notifications to find out the latest waste information from Council

Image of the Bega Valley Waste app.Download the app

Download the Bega Valley Waste app for free through:

More information

Residents without access to a smartphone or tablet can continue to access the bin collection calendar on Council’s website and refer to our A to Z Recycling Guide which includes the right disposal method for unwanted items, this helps improve recycling and reuse rates.

If you would prefer a Bin Collection Calendar for your fridge, please fill out the Bin Collection Calendar request form and a collecton calendar will be sent for the property address provided.

Council developed the app to help make recycling decisions quick and simple. This is part of Council’s plan to work together to reduced waste to landfill.

Frequently asked questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are here to help you through using the Bega Valley Waste app.

If you are still having problems after ready our FAQs please contact Council on 02 6499 2222.



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