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Shine the shire on Clean-up Australia Day

April (L) and Astrid (R) Gordon help Clean-up Australia.

April (L) and Astrid (R) Gordon help Clean-up Australia.

A drive to extend the focus of Australia’s annual clean-up day is taking place in the Bega Valley Shire.

With this year’s Clean-up Australia Day coming up on 7 March, Council’s Waste Services team is tackling the problem of discarded waste with an approach aimed at ongoing efforts to keep the shire clean.

Bega Valley Shire Mayor, Russell Fitzpatrick said this year’s Clean-up Australia Day will be treated as a great opportunity to sustain our goal for a litter-free shire.

“We’re looking for Clean-up Australia Day to be more than a single day of action and awareness,” Cr Fitzpatrick said.

“While we are still calling on the community to band together in picking up litter on 7 March, we are now in the process of looking beyond this date to keep momentum going.

“Starting next week, we will launch our Keep the Shire Shining campaign, aiming to address discarded litter and waste through ongoing awareness and education.

“Many of us are justifiably proud of the places we live, and I’m confident that with maintained focus we can tackle littering head-on as a community.

“With two successive years of tourists having to leave the shire during our busy season, it makes a lot of sense to welcome visitors back to a place that is as clean, tidy and beautiful as it can be.

“So this is the challenge we are setting ourselves and the community. Starting on Clean-up Australia Day, lets get together to shine our shire, and as the year progresses, let’s do all we can to keep it sparkling.

“All we need on Clean-up Australia Day is a two-hour commitment to join an inspiring community in picking up waste from anywhere in the shire.

“Participate as a group or individual, at busy places or the nature strip outside your house. Once your bag is full all you need to do is drop it off at a designated spot or for free at your nearest waste transfer station,” Cr Fitzpatrick said.

To be part of the Clean-up Australia Day efforts in the Bega Valley Shire, visit the Clean-up Australia Day website to register your name or community group.

Once registered, Clean-up Australia will send a free starter kit equipped with everything you need to create a safe, fun and effective clean-up.

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