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About Development

Different types of development

Zoning maps and planning certificates

The zoning classification of any land will provide guidance on what development, or land use, is permitted. You can confirm the zoning of your property by purchasing a Planning Certificate (Section 149 Certificate).  A Planning Certificate will also detail what other planning controls may apply to the property. Planning controls need to be considered in preparing a Development Application as they guide the design of the building and other related issues. The property may be in a bushfire risk, coastal hazard, or conservation zone, or may be heritage listed.

Pre-lodgement advice

Council’s Development Specialist is available to discuss issues around your development application prior to lodgement, as well as any general planning and building enquiries. Appointments can also be made with a planner or building surveyor.  Please contact Council on 02 6499 2222.

For more complex development Bega Valley Shire Council’s Development Advisory Panel is available to meet each week. The meeting can identify potential issues, explain legislation, necessary documents and provide direction. Representatives from planning, building, engineering and environmental services attend the meeting.  For more information go to the Pre-lodgement Advice page.

Lodging a development application and other forms

For information about lodging a development application go to Council’s Development Application Steps page.

All forms and applications which may be required to be lodged to meet Council’s conditions and legal requirements for development consent can be found on the Application Forms page.

Making sense of the planning framework in Bega Valley Shire and NSW

Please note the NSW Government is in the process of overhauling the NSW planning system. Visit the NSW Planning website for more information.

The NSW planning process is governed by a hierarchy of legislation and environmental planning instruments. The hierarchy starts with legislation such as the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (EP&A) 1979, and then steps down to various types of plans, such as State Environmental Planning Policies, Local Environmental Plans and Development Control Plans and guidelines. These documents regulate land use and development.

The most relevant development provisions are:

For more information:

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